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9 Responses to “Contact us”

  1. Kathy Borgman Says:

    Keith sent along your e-mail thank you. What a pleasure to have you stop in Arrow Rock and I’m so delighted you turned my initial “I’m too busy” attitude into “come on!” Your real bonus was in meeting Keith and Bryan and enjoying their great cooking!

    I’m going to send your blog to my aunt. I think she will really enjoy it. She was so intrigued about your venture and at age 87 she said it really made her day just thinking about it!

    Blessings on your travels. I’ll enjoying checking in from time to time. Kathy

  2. Bryan Landrine Says:

    So glad you posted! I was beginning to worry about you both. I hope your treck is going well!

  3. Marty & Ruth Says:

    So glad to see the updated blog. We were beginning to worry about the two of you. We hope you have been having a pleasant journey. Nebraska should of been an interesting state. Good travels to you.

  4. Beth Says:

    I read about your adventure in the Elko, NV paper. We live in Reno NV and would like to extend an invitation to stay in our home as you come through. Hope we can provide a Nevada welcome for you.

  5. Marty & Ruth Says:

    Thanks for the postcard. We are so glad you made-it safely. Hope you have enjoyed your extended stay in the States. If you ever get back to Hamburg (Iowa) please stop and visit. Keep in touch—you are a great couple–good luck in your “next adventure”.

  6. Jeff Huston Says:

    Next time you go through Nebraska… take Highway 275/20 up through north central Nebraska. The Sand Hills/Niobrara River valley… off the beaten path, much more interesting (or at least if you have to walk across the treeless plains… the Sand Hills are much more scenic/undeveloped).

  7. Lacy Says:

    I just happened across your blog and was wondering if you made it all the way to California. There are no posts after Elko, NV. I drove across the country last summer and visited some of the places you have been.

    Anyway, I’m hoping that Mary & Ruth’s message above means you made it. Congrats and wow!

  8. David Carpenter Says:

    Boy, am I late to the party. Just finished reading through to the end of September and…what? No more? Egad? And with Reno nearly in view. Did you continue this blog into October and California? I’d also be interested on your reflections on the journey four years on.

  9. PilgrimofMatter Says:

    Yes, I’m sorry you never finished this blog. I hope things are going well for you. I’m grateful for what you’ve recorded and written. 🙂

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